ARCS Navigator Service

The ARCS Navigator service is a complete chart supply and weekly updating service. The ARCS chart catalogue provides worldwide coverage on 11 Area CD ROMs, containing up to 350 charts each. You receive a permit allowing you to unlock the charts you have bought from the Area CD(s). If you need more charts later, we can simply e-mail you extra permits.

After receiving your chart CDs you can either receive a weekly Update CD, containing all Notices to Mariners information and new editions, or you can download the updates via the Admiralty Updating Service. Navigator licences are annual and the price includes the weekly update and New Editions service.

ARCS Navigator prices

Individual charts £18
Each Area CD £1100
All Area CDs £6000

Click here for the price list and discounts and please email us if you would like a quote for ARCS Navigator.

Facts about Charts and Carriage Requirements

ENC centres, Primar and IC-ENC, created a useful guide to the regulatory issues surrounding ECDIS and electronic charts. 'Facts about Charts and Carriage Requirements' is written in an easy to read "question and answer" style and addresses over twenty of the most commonly asked questions.

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