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Jeppesen Primar ECDIS Service

The Jeppesen PRIMAR ECDIS Service, a cooperation between Jeppesen Marine and the Norwegian Hydrographic Service, combines Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) from Primar and CM-ENCs from Jeppesen to give global ENC coverage from one source. The service ensures that mariners are always navigating with an approved ENC from hydrographic offices, when these are available. If an ENC is not available for any area, the service will notify the navigator (during route planning or navigation) and add in C-Map Professional chart data. 

Weekly updating is included in the annual licensing costs.

CM-ENC - Official data

CM-ENCs are official S-57 ENC charts supplied by Hydrographic Offices to Jeppesen C-Map and pre-compiled into C-Map's type-approved SENC format. SENC format delivers the charts in ready-to-run format, which speeds up and simplifies installation of charts and updates. CM-ENCs meet ECDIS regulations and Jeppesen provides Real Time Updating via email, internet or on DVD.

C-Map Professional & Professional+

These are vector charts for commercial navigation, distributed in the CM93/3 format. The Professional service is supplied on CD Rom, the Professional+ on DVD - you need to check whether your navigation system can accept DVDs. The DVD service is more recent and includes additional chart coverage such as the Caspian Sea. C-Map Professional and Professional+ can be used in combination with C-Map official ENC (CM-ENC), a concept known as 'Dual Fuel'. This gives the user global chart coverage of vector charts in areas not covered by ENC.

Updates: Customers can choose from three different options to keep updated with new charts, new editions and Notice to Mariner updates:

- C-Map Update Service CD/DVD
- C-Map Update Service Online
- C-Map Update Service Online+ 

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