ECDIS Training Software System

Navmaster ECDIS for Training is designed to provide a suitable system to organisations which need to deliver generic training in the operational use of ECDIS.

It consists of type approved ECDIS software which can be run on standard PCs and networks, allowing instructors to combine teaching theory with hands-on experience which is as close as possible to experience onboard. All the practical elements of IMO Model Course 1.27 can be carried out and assessed. When the Navmaster network is interfaced to ship simulators students experience a real-life simulation of a navigational watch using ECDIS.

Navmaster ECDIS Training SystemNavmaster ECDIS for Training being used at the Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz

Key benefits


"Our Navmaster ECDIS training system allows us to take classes of 24 students at once, making the teaching process far less time-consuming. We train approximately 60 of our own students... In addition, we take students from other schools in groups of about 14-20 every week. The classroom is available to students most of the time. Outside of their lectures we see students working with Navmaster; and students returning from their 6-month practical period use the system frequently for preparation and presentation."
Nico Booij, senior lecturer, Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz, Terschelling.

Navmaster ECDIS Training SystemNavmaster linked to a desktop ship simulator at Maersk Training Centre in Newcastle, UK

"Most of our course delegates have already used an ECDIS and it takes them a little while to re-align this with the way Navmaster works. But Navmaster is designed to the standard Windows user interface and its buttons and icons have meaning. The delegates use their PC experience and soon find Navmaster to be very straightforward, easy to follow and with no hidden glitches.
As an instructor I find the menus and commands in Navmaster are almost intuitive. It is a great system which seems to comply completely with the IMO standards. The flexibility it offers me as an instructor is very good and I can interface with other ship simulators to give a real-life simulation of a navigational watch."
Vaughan Lewis, Instructor, Maersk Training Centre UK Ltd.

Training requirements

To operate paperless, shipowners are required to ensure their navigators complete two types of training: generic ECDIS training provided by an STCW approved organisation, and type-specific training often provided by the manufacturer.

Combine both types of ECDIS training

For Navmaster customers, generic and type-specific training can be achieved in one course if they attend a college equipped with Navmaster ECDIS for Training.


Navmaster ECDIS for Training conforms to all the new standards and test specifications which apply to ECDIS from 1 January 2009. It is type-approved by DNV and also Wheelmark approved.

Display standard

To meet ECDIS presentation standards the system needs to be run on displays with a screen resolution of at least 1280 x 1024, but may be run on lower resolutions.

Navmaster ECDIS Training System Display StandardOwn ship steaming down the Thames with incoming vessel visible and other AIS targets listed in the side panel.

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