WEB-DELTA Distance Learning Assessment System


The WEB-DELTA test system is intended for

WEB-DELTA main advantages

Web-Delta Users

Test Centres may be

WEB-DELTA Structure

Knowledge Evaluation Technology

Testing of students is carried out on the WEB-DELTA website with the Delta-test software system which is approved by the Russian Federal Agency for Sea and Inland Water Transport.

Students get a Test Code from a Test Centre which corresponds to a specific test in either Examination or Training mode.

The Tasks Database is stored on a WEB-DELTA server and maintained by system owners.

Types of tasks

Switch box ticking one answer

Entry text entry from keyboard

Checkbox ticking several answers

Matching matching two statements




Answers may be accompanied by illustrations and animations. Tests are randomly composed of questions from the common database and the result is automatically created.

Student operation mode

In Examination mode the same Test Code will not allow the student to take the test again. In Training mode the same Test Code may be used many times.

Reports on test results


Reports on tests results are stored in the Web-Delta database and are available to Test Centre representatives and interested organizations.

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