GMDSS Simulator

GMDSS Simulator

GMDSS Simulator trains mariners working in Sea Areas A1 - A4 for the General Operators Certificate and the Restricted Operators Certificate. It complies with the international requirements of INMARSAT, the IMO and the ITU.

Trainees will gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in: 

The Simulator provides documentation on GMDSS theory based on the IMO GMDSS Handbook, software modelling typical ship's GMDSS radio equipment (based on Skanti-1000 series) and an assessment program to test student knowledge. 
It comprises one instructor station with the required number of student stations in a local network.  The student station can be provided with a hardware console modelling the radio equipment.

GMDSS SimulatorThere are three modes of operation :

GMDSS Simulator models :

The radio console imitates the following equipment:

These actions can be carried out on the GMDSS Simulator:

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