Small Craft Simulator - SCS

"SCS" Small Craft Simulator conforms to international standards for the training and demonstrating of competence of navigators of sea-going and inland waterways small craft. Developed with advanced computer technologies to give very high quality visualisation, the simulator offers a wide variety of training areas, exercises and ship models.

Basic exercises

Simulated models

Active models (small craft)

Target models

Exercise areas


The simulator consists of Instructor WorkPlace (IWP) software and one or more Student WorkPlaces which can be in base or compact configuration.

Base configuration includes steering stand with built-in steering wheel, sensor control panel and visualization on projection apparatus and LCD panel(s). Compact configuration includes steering stand and visualization system of the area with joystick and mouse steering.


The Student Workplace(s) can be extended to include the simulators "SRV" Complex Survival Craft Simulator and "SSH" Steering Simulator for helmsman, which can all be managed from one Instructor Workplace.

The Instructor WorkPlace (IWP) provides

The Student WorkPlace (WPS) provides


The simulator is supplied with a set of technical and operational documentation, including guidance on practical training.

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