Steering Simulator for Helmsman - SSH

"SSH" Steering Simulator for Helmsman is designed to train ratings forming part of a navigational watch on seagoing and river vessels. The simulator will:

Knowledge and skills covered

1. Steer the ship & comply with helm orders in the English language
1.1. Helm orders in national language
1.2. Helm orders in the English language
1.3. Change-over to automatic pilot steering
1.4. Change-over to hand steering
1.5. Hand steering in tracking mode
1.6. Hand steering in manual mode

2. Keeping a proper look-out by sight & hearing
2.1. Detecting objects in daylight
2.2. Detecting objects by night

3. Contribute to monitoring & controlling a safe watch
3.1. Procedures to intercession on watch
3.2. Procedures for maintaining a watch
3.3. Procedures for handing over watch
3.4. Training procedures for watch relief

Simulated models

Active Models

Target Models

Exercise areas


The simulator consists of Instructor WorkPlace (IWP) software and one or several Students WorkPlaces (WPS) which can be in base or compact configuration.

Base configuration includes steering stand with built-in steering wheel, sensor control panel and visualization on projection apparatus or LCD panel(s). Compact configuration includes steering stand and visualization of the area with joystick and mouse steering.

The Student Workplace(s) can be extended to include the simulators "SCS" Small Craft Simulator and "SRV" Complex Survival Craft Simulator, which can all be managed from one Instructor Workplace.

The Instructor WorkPlace (IWP) provides

The Student Workplace (WPS) provides

US CoastGuard compliance

To conform to US Coast Guard recommendations (MERPAC Recommendations on the specifications for simulators to be used to train and/or assess applicants for certification as an RFPNW), the following faults can be injected from the Instructor Workplace:

1. Gyro-compass, steering pump & steering motor failure
2. Steering alarms


The simulator is supplied with a set of technical and operational documentation, including training guidance.


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