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Welcome to PC Maritime

At PC Maritime we are a supplier of the latest state of the art equipment including full marine simulators, ECDIS and maritime training to provide our customers with an exceptional training experience. We offer a range of marine simulators including engine room simulators as well as ship handling simulators. As a leading developer and supplier of ECDIS training and maritime training solutions, we aim to provide cost-effective and innovative solutions that improve the safety of life at sea.

PC Maritime are an international Chart Agent who specialise in digital charts and electronic media. We supply electronic charts for the following systems; Admiralty, Jeppesen C-Map and Primar. All charts are supplied on CD or DVD with subsequent digital charts available by email.

We have a great range of marine training simulators and CD Roms covering a range of navigation and engine room operations. All our products are designed to train and test competence and knowledge. We also offer generic and type specific ECDIS and maritime training as well as computer based training.

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If you need help with any of our products please contact us +44 (0) 1752 254205
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