Primar Charts | PC Maritime is operated by the Norwegian Hydrographic Service
Marine Software and Electronic Charts


Operated by the Norwegian Hydrographic Service and delivers official electronic navigational charts (ENC) for use in ECDIS and ECS. The Primar ENC Service provides ENCs which meet SOLAS charts and carriage requirements when kept up-to-date and used on type approved ECDIS with appropriate backup. Updates are provided online or on CD Rom.


The C-Map PRIMAR ECDIS Service, a cooperation between Jeppesen Marine and the Norwegian Hydrographic Service, combines the two charts and CM-ENCs from C-Map to give global ENC coverage from one source. The service ensures that mariners are always navigating with an approved ENC from hydrographic offices, when these are available. If an ENC is not available for any area, the service will notify the navigator (during route planning or navigation) and add in C-Map Professional chart data.

Weekly updating is included in the annual licensing costs. 

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