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ADMIRALTY Digital Radio Signals Volume 2

ADMIRALTY Digital Radio Signals Volume 2 (ADRS2) provides a range of regularly updated and compliant, digital positional and timekeeping references.  ADRS2 is provided on the complete Admiralty Digital Publications CD, but you can purchase just what you need – from one area of one product up to all areas of all products.  ADRS2 is carriage compliant, approved by most Flag States and kept fully up to date.  We can supply free trial versions;  just provide your name and contact details and email a request.


  • International standard & daylight saving times/dates
  • International radio time signal broadcast details
  • Electronic position fixing system
  • Worldwide listing of:
  • VHF radio-direction finding stations
  • Radar beacons (Racons and Ramarks)
  • Automatic Identification System (AIS) Aids to Navigation (AtoN)
  • Radio beacons transmitting DGPS corrections


ADRS2 is recognised by most Flag States as meeting the regulatory requirements.  For the full list of Flag State Approvals click here.