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Marine Software and Electronic Charts


We are an international Chart Agent specialising in electronic media. We supply electronic charts for any system able to use them, and Admiralty digital publications.

Charts are supplied on CD, on DVD or they can be downloaded.  We can email you unlock codes for additional charts whenever you need them.

Chart correction services vary between manufacturers. Corrections may be delivered on CD Rom, via internet or email.  We will be happy to discuss different chart types with you and assist you in your choice.


Admiralty Digital Publications (ADP) provide global coverage of maritime navigational information.  They are provided on a single CD, but you can purchase just what you need – from one area of one product up to all areas of all products. They are carriage compliant, approved by most Flag States and kept fully up to date.  We can supply free ADP trial versions; just email a request making sure you provide your address and contact details.