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Improve safety & operational effectiveness

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Improve safety & operational effectiveness


As a leading developer and supplier of ECDIS, maritime training, engine room simulators, electronic charts and digital publications, PC Maritime’s business is to provide cost-effective and innovative solutions that improve the safety of life at sea. Navmaster ECDIS delivers clear functionality to navigators with ECDIS hardware choices enabling straightforward installation and maintenance. To support customers using Navmaster ECDIS we offer type-specific ECDIS training on DVD so that ships staff can be formally certified without having to leave their vessel.

We take customer support seriously, providing a speedy response to all queries. Some products contain built-in diagnostics for tracking down issues;  direct internet access allows efficient problem-solving in other products. Our range of marine simulators includes engine room simulators, ship handling simulators and generic ECDIS maritime training as well as CD Roms covering navigation and engine room operations.

PC Maritime is an international Chart Agent specialising in marine electronic data. We supply digital charts from the UK Hydrographic Office, C-Map, Primar and others, including AVCS, ENC, CAES, C-Map Pro+ and ARCS, and Admiralty Digital Publications.


Navmaster ECDIS is a well-established Electronic Chart Display and Information System, incorporating the input of many navigators. It is fully compliant at low capital cost, minimal through-life costs and superior training & support services. It delivers clear functionality and ease of use in the familiar Windows interface. Traditional navigation skills can be carried out in a modern software application.s


PC Maritime’s range of marine training simulators and CD Roms covers a broad range of navigation and engine room operations. Each product is designed to train and to test competence and knowledge without the need for live instructor input.


We are an international Chart Agent specialising in electronic media. We supply electronic charts for any system able to use them, and Admiralty digital publications.

Charts are initially supplied on CD or DVD, Subsequently we can provide you with additional charts by email, by means of unlock codes.


We are committed to offering high quality customer service in all aspects of our operations, We want our customers to be satisfied with our products, and to know that we listen to comments and feedback. Our support objectives are:

– To respond to requests quickly

– To solve problems effectively and at minimum cost

– To listen to customer feedback and to take it into account