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Captain R Markss , HSEQ Superintendent, V Ships UK

Many thanks for your prompt reply and assistance.

C Hughes-Adair, 2nd Mate, John H Whitaker Tankers

Having recently suffered an unusual technical problem with our Navmaster system, Phil and his colleagues in your Technical Department promptly and skilfully helped me to correct the problem. In my opinion they have done your firm credit

Jose Alberto Hourmat , Director , Seguridad Nautica

Thanks to all of you for your very good support, very good team

Captain E Cruz, Master Seaways Antigmar, & Alex Milenkov, Senior Fleet Superintendent, V.Ships UK

Thankyou very much for the unwavering support.  And thanks from the office side as well. Very well done!

William Nugent, Vice President , International Operations, OSG Ship Management, Inc

We are pleased with the cooperation and support we have received from PC Maritime. The rollout of ECDIS equipment and training has been very successful and we look forward to a successful and safe transition to full electronic charting with PC Maritime’s partnership. 

Captain S Kirdejevs, Fleet Manager, V Ships

Your support on the upgrading of existing ECDIS units & installation of the new ones is much appreciated

Captain Andrew Ward , Deepsea Pilot

I have found all the staff at PC Maritime extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  I have been using Navmaster Pilot software for the past nine years, with ENC charts and ARCS charts, and I would say that it is actively supported and updated.  The system interfaces well with AIS via bluetooth or WiFi dongle.

Hareendran Viswanathanpillai, Engineer, Elcome Dubai

I got an opportunity for sea trials on Overseas Laura Lynn. Found an excellent performance with your new ECDIS

Captain L Bacic, OSG Shipmanagement

I’m pleased to say that the AVCS re-installation went successfully and the ECDIS is running normally.  Many thanks for your efforts and I hope that your magic will last for a long period of time

Captain K Sykes, Deepsea Pilot

Navmaster Pilot has come a long way over the last few years and I would say that it is now probably the best system available. By far the biggest advantage is that PC Maritime will listen to your feedback and, over time, incorporate changes into the program as required.  A little more expensive than some on the market, but you really do get what you pay for.

Arnaud Rampal, BOURBON newbuild project manager

I like the simplicity of Navmaster ECDIS and we are having good support from PC Maritime

John Yang, Bogerd Martin China

We have a good relationship with China Shipping Group and Navmaster ECDIS was selected because it is easy to operate and comes with a simple training method

Hasan Goler, UN Ro-Ro

We had the DNV Inspector, IT Superintendent and Ship Superintendent onboard, but because you emailed our new AVCS chart licence within ten minutes of my request, survey completed without any problem. Thanks for your rapid response.

Captain Thareja, Wallem Shipmanagement

All the officers have completed the CBT course for the Navmaster ECDIS. It’s a very comprehensive and good tool to have onboard. It covers all the topics from operation, installation, upgrading etc. Certainly it will help to enhance training for the equipment.

Captain Sultania, Kuwait Oil Tanker Company

Just a quick line to say how grateful we are for all your advice.  The Planning Station is now working!  The problem was indeed down to the Icon properties having been changed.

Panos Sotiropoulos, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement

Thankyou for your patience & invaluable assistance for remote troubleshooting. This was not an easy task and lots of effort had to be put in by you (& captain of course) which are highly appreciated.  We will approach Owners for the ongoing support program

Captain Babur, Wallem Shipmanagement

Thank you for your prompt reply, I am extremely sorry to disturb you over the weekend.  I am really grateful to you for the advice, the problem was sorted out the same day I received your email by reloading the chart database, and the license is still valid.

John Mackintosh, RV Joides Resolution, Transocean

Thanks to all at PC Maritime for their support over the last few months to get the system commissioned. The operations team onboard the ship are quite certain that we made the right decision in continuing with Navmaster to meet our electronic charting requirements.

Vaughan Lewis, Maersk Training Centre UK Ltd

Most of our course delegates have already used an ECDIS and it takes them a little while to re-align this with the way Navmaster works. But Navmaster is designed to the standard Windows user interface and its buttons and icons have meaning. The delegates use their PC experience and soon find Navmaster to be very straightforward. The flexibility it offers me as an instructor is very good and I can interface with other ship simulators to give a real-life simulation of a navigational watch.

Captain R S Pradhan, Wallem Shipmanagement

I have found PC Maritime ECDIS easy to install and use. I have also found your customer service technical staff competent and helpful.

Mark Broster, ECDIS Ltd

“We have been delivering both Generic and Type Specific courses on Navmaster ECDIS since 2008.  Navmaster is a good product written by navigators for navigators, and it is a pleasure to teach on.  It has some very advanced functions that are well suited for a vessel looking to use an ECDIS berth to berth.  It is based on the standard windows system and we have found that the hundreds of mariners who pass through our ECDIS training centre have had no problem in navigating through its intuitive menu structure.  We are pleased to host the latest version of Navmaster in our walk in e-navigation centre in Hampshire.”

Chris Baker, Worldscale Association London

We have had your Navmaster Office package for some time now and are still more than happy with your product which we use on a daily basis

Captain Bob Murray, Stena Line

Success. Many thanks, especially given your Bank Holiday. Excellent support

Captain Edwin Tacogdoy, OSG Shipmanagement

After having noticed that we are also getting GPS position alarms in both our radars, I concluded that there may indeed be some interruption of data flow between the GPS and ECDIS. We found a disconnected wire inside the Data Switch Box. Thank you so much for your kind assistance on this matter.

Nico Booij, Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz

Our Navmaster ECDIS training system allows us to take classes of 24 students at once, making the teaching process far less time-consuming.

Captain Harry Williams , The Whitaker Group

I am writing to confirm our request for ECDIS equipment training for the Whitonia crews. We would like the same format as previously provided as it was very practical and was also very well received by our customers.

K.Lohar , Wallem Shipmanagement

Finally – success at high noon! Managed to get back the features on ECDIS screen. I suspect virus in the system (we have an abundance of it onboard) which would have transferred by use of USB during file transfer. Many thanks for your feedback and assistance over past days and apologies for the troubles caused.

Captain Kerry Gregg, Stena Line

We did find the Navmaster training very helpful indeed, it took me a while to grasp it fully and still do not profess to have a 100% knowledge but I am getting there! Mike delivered a very concise and seamanlike lecture, covered the points we raised and answered all our questions, so a good job done.

George Varney , Shell International Trading & Shipping

We are in the process of changing every machine in Shell to Vista and the Navmaster Office is hosted on a Windows 98 server so the decision was taken not to script it for the new operating system and to scrap, rather than replace, the server. On that basis, I regret that we will not renew the contract for Navmaster Office. Having said that, we’ve enjoyed an excellent level of service from you over the past years and I just wanted to say a heartfelt thankyou for all your help

Captain Arnulfo B. Ruiz, OSG Shipmanagement


Please be informed that we successfully downloaded the voyage charts permit. Thanks a lot for the assistance.

Captain Adrian Simonds, Deepsea Pilot

Thankyou for your help today, all permits installed, job done