Assessment of GMDSS - PC Maritime offers knowledge and skills
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The Delta-GMDSS assessment CD Rom covers all aspects of the radio personnel training syllabus and provides a database of over 600 questions for assessing GMDSS operators in compliance with national and international requirements for the General Operator’s Certificate, Restricted Operator’s Certificate and Second Class Radio Electronic Certificate.The DELTA GMDSS software can be used in a network or standalone.


  • as an assessment program at Marine Certification Centres
  • as a knowledge test at shipping & crewing companies
  • as an evaluation exam at GMDSS training centres
  • to train cadets at Maritime Colleges
  • for on-board training


  • Basics of GMDSS
  • Basics of maritime mobile & maritime mobile satellite services
  • Radiotelephony
  • GMDSS communication systems including DSC, Inmarsat & NBDP
  • Promulgation of maritime safety information
  • Distress & safety communication procedures
  • Basics of digital & analog electronics
  • Performance standards of GMDSS equipment
  • GMDSS equipment maintenance