Software for Ice Navigation - PC Maritime covers aspects ice navigation training
Marine Software and Electronic Charts


The DELTA-Ice Navigation software covers all aspects of ice navigation training and is designed to test Ships Officers’ ice navigation skills in compliance with IMO & OCIMF Guidelines and good seamanship. The software contains a database of more than 100 questions.

The DELTA Ice Navigation software can be used in a network or standalone.


  • Shipping companies for testing the competence of their personnel
  • Training Centres for competence testing during the course and as a final evaluation test
  • Maritime Training colleges offering specialist ice navigation training
  • Crewing agencies to test seafarers for positions on ships trading in ice covered waters
  • Marine Certification Centres as part of seafarers certification process

List of Contents
Ice conditions

  • Types of ice
  • Ice charts
  • Symbols used on ice charts
  • Analysis of ice chart data for proper voyage planning

Preparation for ice navigation

  • Icing
  • Freezing of equipment
  • Crew
  • Voyage planning

Safe ice operations

  • Unassisted ice navigation
  • Manoeuvring in ice
  • Operation in convoys
  • Communication with the ice breaker
  • Towing operations
  • Mooring operations
  • Use of tugs
  • Pilot boarding