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Internet Option Added to Type-Specific Training

In response to a request from V. Ships,   PC Maritime have added internet delivery to Navmaster ECDIS type-specific training which now covers all bases:  onboard ship, ashore in training centres and via internet.

V. Ships had identified situations where a crew member joins ship at short notice and urgently requires ECDIS training & certification to comply with ISM Code requirements.  The Navmaster course is normally provided on two DVDs containing the training material and the formal assessment.  The DVDs can be used by any number of crew during a 12-month period and the process does not require internet access/ satcomm time, only email.  However V Ships found there were cases where the DVDs were not already at the required location and expressed concern that this could prevent crew from operating the ECDIS.   To overcome this problem PC Maritime added an internet delivery option.

V.Ships Head of Seafarer Training, Alasdair Ireland, said ‘It is important that we can ensure access to suitable ECDIS training for seafarers, in a range of situations, often at short notice.  Being able to direct seafarers to internet-delivered type-specific ECDIS material provides an additional degree of flexibility, which is very much appreciated.’

Over 1800 officers have been certified for Navmaster ECDIS using PC Maritime’s course.  The course fully meets the Nautical Institute’s checklist to assure shipowners and authorities that watchkeeping officers are competent, and contributes towards efficient and safe operation of ECDIS.

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