ISPS Code Assessment CD-DELTA ISPS - consists of 200+ questions
Marine Software and Electronic Charts


The DELTA-ISPS Code assessment software is developed in accordance with the International Ships and Ports Facility Security Code and SOLAS Chapter XI-2. It contains over 200 questions on the qualification requirements for Ship Security Officers, Company Security Officers, Port Facility Security Officers and ISPS inspectors.

DELTA Software can be used in a network or standalone.


  • Maritime Security (ISPS) training centres for competence assessment
  • Port facility & company administrations for testing their personnel
  • Crewing agencies to test seafarers applying for the position of Ship Security Officer
  • Onboard ships as a training aid


  • General requirements of SOLAS Chapter XI-2 & ISPS Code
  • Certification, audits & security control
  • Security plans, training security personnel
  • Psychological basis of security awareness
  • Security equipment on-board as well as port facility security & monitoring systems


  • International Ships and Ports Facility Security Code – SOLAS 1974 as amended (IMO)
  • 1978 STCW Convention as amended
  • IMO SSO Model course 3.19
  • 34 Session STCW Sub Committee recommendations
  • IMO Guidance for Ship Owners, Ship Operators and Masters on the protection of Ships from Terrorism and Sabotage, ICS, London, 2001
  • Ships and Port Facilities Security Personnel Syllabus, as approved by the Russian Federation Ministry of Transport.
  • Onboard ships as a training aid

Test results are automatically stored. The report generator in the administrator section offers:

  • Viewing of detailed and summary reports
  • Printing of test results