Portable Navmaster Pilot - PC Maritime offers a software to assist pilots.
Marine Software and Electronic Charts

navmaster pilot

Portable electronic chart system for marine pilots

“The system works together excellently and is user-friendly. I can certainly recommend this system to anyone intending to go electronic. PC Maritime have been extremely helpful in the initial set-up and fine-tuning of the system.”
Captain Andrew Ward, UK deep sea pilot

Navmaster Pilot provides software and wireless interfacing so that a pilot can connect his own laptop to ship’s AIS within minutes of arriving onboard. No cables are necessary: communications between laptop and ship’s AIS pilot plug are wireless. The system has been extensively tested by UK deep sea pilots, and the test results reported in The Pilot magazine.


  • Type approved ECDIS software
  • Automatic download of ship’s dimensions from AIS
  • Automatic position monitoring (from AIS and/or GPS)
  • Route and passage planning
  • Multiple chart format compatibility
  • Online chart updating
  • Interface to Admiralty TotalTide

We supply

All you need is a laptop with Windows. We supply…

  • Navmaster Pilot software
  • Electronic charts
  • Admiralty Digital Products


Electronic charts compatible with Navmaster Pilot:

  • ENCs
  • ARCS
  • CM-ENCs
  • C-Map Pro +