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Optimised voyage planning in Navmaster ECDIS

PC Maritime’s Navmaster ECDIS is able to combine with MeteoGroup’s SPOS weather routing service to provide optimised voyage planning.

Navigating officers can create a route in Navmaster and load it into SPOS for optimisation.  Weather limits, speed profile, bunker profile, voyage speed, fixed ETA, track types and delays are all taken into account and, with this information, the route can be quickly adjusted.  The route is then transferred back to Navmaster ECDIS and re-checked for safe navigation.

The Master can choose how often his route is optimised.  If the route needs to be modified owing to, for example, changed weather conditions, it is quick and easy to exchange the route to and fro between Navmaster ECDIS and SPOS.

The combination of Navmaster ECDIS and SPOS weather routing enables vessels to save time and fuel, reduce CO2 emissions and optimise voyage plans based on accurate ETAs.

About SPOS

MeteoGroup’s SPOS Onboard has proved to be a very accurate and reliable weather routing system with timely updates ensuring the crew is always aware of the surrounding and forecast weather. SPOS enables Captain and crew to adjust route calculations according to weather information and ship-specific characteristics.