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PC Maritime ECDIS for 39 Overseas Shipholding Group Vessels

PC Maritime has secured a contract to supply, install and commission dual Navmaster ECDIS on 39 tankers owned by Overseas Shipholding Group (OSG) and managed by V.Ships UK.  The contract is to be completed and all crew trained and certified by the end of 2016.

To have this number of vessels fully equipped by the end of 2016 requires installation not only during dry docking periods but also within OSG’s trading schedules. Using its global network of qualified installers PC Maritime has completed installation at 15 different ports worldwide on 20 ships to date, mostly within very tight timescales.

“The rollout of ECDIS equipment and training has been very successful and we look forward to a successful and safe transition to full electronic charting with PC Maritime’s partnership,” said William Nugent, Vice President, International Operations OSG Ship Management, Inc. “We are pleased with the cooperation and support we have received from PC Maritime.”

OSG has operated single Navmaster ECDIS onboard the majority of its fleet since 2008.  The decision to extend dual Navmaster ECDIS to the whole fleet is testament to the robust and reliable performance of PC Maritime’s ECDIS and the company’s after-sale support services during the past eight years.  The contract consists of adding a second ECDIS to work with the originally-supplied ECDIS on 30 ships, and installing new dual ECDIS on 9 others.

PC Maritime’s type-specific familiarisation training course is provided to the whole fleet and at V.Ships shore-based training centres, with over 500 OSG crew members fully certified to date.

ECDIS contract meeting in V.Ships’ Glasgow offices.  l to r, John Brechin, Managing Director V.Ships UK, Captain Yun Ho No, Vice President OSG Ship Management, Mike Dunstall, Commercial Manager PC Maritime, David Edmonds, Managing Director PC Maritime, William Nugent, Vice President OSG Ship Management, and Brian Kinson, technical manager OSG Ship Management.