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The DELTA-Tanker software is designed to test and evaluate personnel working onboard oil tankers, chemical tankers and gas carriers . The database comprises more than 350 questions based on the provisions of Chapter 5 of STCW-78/95 Code on the different aspects of tanker operations

DELTA Software can be used in a network and standalone.


  • Shipping companies for testing the competence of their personnel
  • Training Centres for competence testing during the course & as a final evaluation test
  • Maritime Training Colleges offering specialist courses on liquid cargo transportation
  • Crewing agencies to test seafarers for positions onboard tankers
  • Marine Certification Centres as part of seafarers certification process


  • Physical & chemical properties of liquid cargoes
  • Transport properties of liquid cargoes
  • Dangers arising in transit or during cargo handling operations of liquid cargoes
  • Legal aspects of carriage of liquid cargoes by sea
  • Tanker design features
  • Design & operation features of tanker cargo systems
  • Cargo handling procedures onboard tankers
  • Interaction between terminal & onboard tanker
  • Safety measures at terminal & onboard tanker
  • Marine environment protection


Test results are automatically stored. The report generator in the administrator section offers:

  • Viewing of detailed and summary reports
  • Printing of test results
tanker operations assessment student centre computer training cd software delta
tanker operations assessment student centre computer training cd software delta