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VSTEP Nautis interface to PC Maritime ECDIS

VSTEP and PC Maritime have developed a software interface which makes type-approved, yet affordable ECDIS and radar training possible. 

The VSTEP/PC Maritime bridge simulators can be provided as software only to run on standard PCs, or with hardware consoles up to Full Mission Bridge Simulators.  The range is designed for nautical colleges and company training centres in compliance with the latest STCW requirements.

Navmaster ECDIS displays the NAUTIS radar video as an overlay on the chart view, satisfying an IMO recommendation in the new ECDIS Model Course 1.27, July 2012.  In a classroom set-up, one instructor can provide a large number of trainee stations with radar video and NMEA data input, while showing the outside view and navigation instruments on other screens.   Navmaster ECDIS software has exactly the same functionality as the IMO Type-approved onboard equivalent.

Jan van der Vee, Senior Consultant at Wallem Training, said :  “We chose the NAUTIS Full Mission Bridge Simulator because it is fully certified by DNV and offers high quality training at an affordable price.  Each student station has 3 outside view displays and a corresponding radar overlay image on PC Maritime’s Navmaster ECDIS.  These simulators give our students an excellent tool to learn all about ECDIS and how it is used on board.”

Pjotr van Schothorst, VSTEP’s Chief Technical Officer, said: “The development of the software interface went really smoothly. Students can now see what happens if the GPS position of their vessel is not accurate.  The radar overlay image shows the coastline at a slightly shifted location compared to the chart. They learn to respond to that, and take it into account during their navigation and manoeuvring. This helps prevent accidents.”

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VSTEP/PC Maritime simulator in use at Wallem’s Training Centre in the Philippines

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