Navmaster ECDIS

Navmaster ECDIS is a well-established Electronic Chart Display and Information System, incorporating the input of many navigators.  It is fully compliant at low capital cost, minimal through-life costs and superior training & support services. It delivers clear functionality and ease of use in the familiar Windows interface. Traditional navigation skills can be carried out in a modern software application.

Flexible hardware combinations make Navmaster ECDIS as easy to install in existing ships as in newbuilds, from VLCC bridges to offshore support vessels.  Retrofit installations can take place within sailing schedules, and a complete after-sale training and support service is offered.  Click here for ECDIS enquiries.

Navmaster ECDIS
Navmaster ECDIS 800

Key benefits

Navmaster ECDIS works with all official electronic charts: ENC, CM-ENC, AVCS, ARCS, C-Map Pro/Pro+, AUS-RNC. Visit Facts about Charts and Carriage Requirements for useful information on electronic charts.

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