ECDIS Training Software System - PC Maritime offers two types of ecdis training
Marine Software and Electronic Charts


Navmaster ECDIS for training provides a suitable system to organisations which need to deliver generic training in the operational use of ECDIS


It consists of type approved ECDIS software which runs on standard PCs and networks, allowing instructors to combine teaching theory with hands-on experience as close as possible to onboard experience. All the practical elements of IMO Model Course 1.27 can be carried out and assessed. When Navmaster network is interfaced to ship simulators, students experience a real-life simulation of a navigational watch using ECDIS.


  • Type approved and up-to-date against all current regulations
  • Supports all official chart formats
  • Includes AIS & ARPA, advanced passage planning, lines of position, parallel indexing etc
  • Admiralty TotalTide integration for worldwide tidal height & stream
  • Electronic charts at half price or in some cases free
  • Actual voyage data can be replayed
  • Connects to real bridge instruments and bridge simulators
  • Network installation allows large classes to be taken at once
  • Optional radar image overlay

“Our Navmaster ECDIS training system allows us to take classes of 24 students at once, making the teaching process far less time-consuming. We train approximately 60 of our own students… In addition, we take students from other schools in groups of about 14-20 every week. The classroom is available to students most of the time. Outside of their lectures we see students working with Navmaster; and students returning from their 6-month practical period use the system frequently for preparation and presentation.”

Nico Booij, senior lecturer, Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz, Terschelling.

“As an instructor I find the menus and commands in Navmaster are almost intuitive. It is a great system which seems to comply completely with the IMO standards. The flexibility it offers me as an instructor is very good and I can interface with other ship simulators to give a real-life simulation of a navigational watch.” 

Vaughan Lewis, Instructor, Maersk Training Centre UK Ltd.