Full Mission Control Simulators installation offers at PC Maritime
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Full Mission Simulators consist of the complete installation of full size switchboard panels, control room consoles, sound system, communication system, PCs and networking, with locally delivered operator training

Thanks to the modularity of the engine room software range, we can supply full mission engine room installations in a number of different configurations to suit different budgets. 

The MED3DH package, for example, is a full mission, hardware type Medium Speed Engine Simulator consisting of one four-stroke main engine with reduction gear and controllable pitch propeller with a full size control console and electrical switchboard. It can be combined with slow speed simulator ERC4.5XL and you can add other engine room training software to install on classroom PCs alongside.  
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  for an example brochure.  For a quotation, please let us know your outline requirements and send us an email.

A larger FMEC package provides two medium speed diesel main engines and three diesel generators with reduction gear and controllable pitch propeller.

We will gladly quote if you can provide an outline of your requirements, including the number of student stations you need.